Objective of Hello Kidney is to teach student about normal kidney development, anatomy, physiology and congenital anomalies of genitourinary tract.

Learning outcomes expected at the level of the course:

Identify, describe and explain the most important characteristics of genitourinary system development, anatomy, physiology and structures at the level of the tissue, organ and whole body. Name and explain changes that occur in genitourinary system because of developmental anomalies. Critically judge educational materials (articles and lectures), participate in argumentative discussions and construct opinions. Apply adopted knowledge to predict function of genitourinary system in health and diseases. Use acquired theoretical knowledge for solving practical problems.

Course content

Lectures (15 hours):                                      Number of hours:

Development of genitourinary tract                                                  3

Factors involved in normal kidney development                             3

Congenital anomalies of kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT)           3

Genetic background of CAKUT                                                            3

Kidney anatomy and physiology                                                         3

Seminars (5 hours):                                         Number of hours:

New diagnostic approaches to CAKUT                                               2

Critical review of CAKUT literature                                                      3

Exercises (5 hours):                                          Number of hours:

Histological analysis of human and mouse development

of lower urinary tract                                                                            2

Histological analysis of human and mouse kidney

development                                                                                          2

Laboratory practice and  methodology overview                            1